Feb 2012 Market Update

So what is going on with the property market locally? Doom and gloom on one end of the media, roses and rainbows on the other right? Frustrating, I know. Myself, I prefer to tell my clients exactly what is happening from my day today experiences and transactions. Real time market feedback, up to date, accurate and first hand experience is priceless in this quickly changing market. While some agents may be experiencing a slower market I have found that the beginning of 2012 has been a fantastic time for real estate sales. Well educated Vendors are finding shorter time on market along with great sales results when coupled with a strategic marketing plan and a professional real estate representative. Yes the market has changed. And that is okay as long as your strategy changes with the market! Current competition now represents a good indication of where your property value sits versus 6-12 months ago when past sales were your best indication. Positioning your property for sale where the buyers see value is imperative to achieving top dollar in the current market. One of the biggest pit falls a Vendor can slip into is overpricing their home based on optimistic valuations from an inexperienced or desperate agent. By time the property is priced on target, it is likely to have cost the Vendor thousands of dollars. The worst thing you can do is put the wrong agent in charge of your most valuable asset. You only get one chance to make a first impression when putting your home to the market, do it right from the start and youll be ahead of the pack. The market is good when you know how!

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